I’m so incredibly tired right now but I have to get all my important stuff off before I send this computer off. I’ve literally tried everything to fix this thing, so I’ve caved. I’m taking all the important stuff off before I take it in because I’m 100% sure they’re going to wipe the HDD.

So yeah, stayed up til 4am when I had work the next morning. I have to transfer the files in 32 GB increments and since my windows computer doesn’t have a lot of space, I have to transfer that over the network. It kinda slows the internet down to a crawl and I don’t want to inconvenience my family so I have to do it really late at night when everybody is alseep. 

The one thing that’s pissing me off is the lack of a progress bar, so I have no idea how much has been copied over. Though the bright side is that I’m remembering the unix commands better.

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