Pokemon Go

I uninstalled Pokemon Go, because when it actually worked, it would suck my phone’s battery dry. The game didn’t really engage me either. It was fun stumbling across Pokemon and then catching them but I soon realised that either you get super good at throwing those Pokeballs or you’ll soon run out. And to replenish your supply you either need to use Pokecoins in the Pokestore or visit a nearby Pokestop. 

I’m currently nowhere near any Pokestops and I’m never able to connect to the servers when I’m in an area where there is loads of Pokestops. Pretty much I’ve run into to no end of troubles using the app and its soured my experience with it. I kind of wish that the Pokemon you catch are used for more aspects of the game than just the gym. Like they would influence your catch rate depending on who you had as your active Pokemon. Or different Pokemon would have different abilities/ natures that had an affect on what Pokemon you encountered in your area. I guess I just wanted it to be more like the Pokemon games rather than a walking app with Pokemon branding. I’d probably be more into it if I could connect to the servers more often >.>

To be honest, I might pick it back up again at a later date when more stuff is added. Because at the moment, there’s not enough there to make me put up with the crashing and server errors.


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