I’ve been thinking about redesigning an old project. Its going to be a super short experience focusing more on the art rather than gameplay. Not that its going to be a walking sim but its not going to have super interesting mechanics. 

Its basically this game: Leaf’s Quest but done in this style

I want to keep it small and contained as possible. I just don’t want to spend ages on this since its supposed to be a bit of fun. I don’t think I’m going to add any puzzle elements since puzzle design is the bane of my existence >.> But it may be something I look into if I decide to deviate from the original concept. I want to try adding in story cutscenes because its something I haven’t done before. 

I kind of want to try a dialogue system but I think that might be too much for this. I really just want something short. Plus I suck at dialogue XD

But pretty much all the areas will be redone and actual thought will go into how I will set up the areas. Its going to be done in pen and markers and I can only hope that it will end up like what I have in my head. I’m probably going to start writing up a game design doc for this soon.  


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