I’m Not Scared #3

“No… Left not right, oh here, let me have a go,” Peter yanked the Game boy off of Adam and fiddled with it until, “There!”

Adam glared at him, “Can you stop doing that!” he exclaimed, “I was just checking if I had missed something.”

Peter was about to protest when, they heard Peter’s mother calling for them. Peter watched as Adam left the room fuming about what he, Peter had done. Sighing, Peter followed. ‘Jeeze, I feel bad. I should’ve just let him do what he wanted.’

Peter took a seat at the table, opposite to Adam, “Sorry,” Peter mumbled looking at the table but he was only met with silence.  They ate in an uneasy silence, ‘Where’s Adam’s dad?’ Peter thought, it struck him as odd that he wasn’t there, ‘Where would he be?’ Adam’s mother cleared her throat gaining the attention of the other three.

“So how as your trip?” she asked pleasantly.

“Good,” Leah answered, “Although it was a bit cold, the heater’s broken again.”

“So where’s Mark?” Leah reached over and grabbed a slice of bread, and proceeded to slather it with butter.

“Downstairs. He’s working on something very big.”

Peter listened to them talk for a bit more before tuning them out all together, he twirled the fork around in the spaghetti, playing with it before eating it. ‘Soooo… Boooored,’ he thought dully. The rest of it was completely uneventful and for luckily for Peter quickly went by. Soon it was bedtime and Adam had still made no move to talk to him.

Peter pulled out his pyjamas from his decently sized suitcase which he had brought it up after dinner. Adam was already in bed reading a book. The title? Peter couldn’t really make out from where he was. He stripped down and put his pyjamas on then he laid down on the bed.

“Sorry,” Peter looked over to Adam, who didn’t respond at all, “Adam, I am really sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude or anything…”

“It’s okay,” Adam responded after a while, which practically scared the crap out of Peter.

“Really?” Peter asked utterly shocked, “What I did was really rude.”

Adam closed his book and placed it on the side table. Then make his way out of bed and over to the wardrobe. “Like I said its okay,” pulling the draw open, he revealed a huge box that read on the side: CHESS, “So cuz, wanna play a game with me?”


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