I’m Not Scared #1

So this was a creative writing assignment for the prompt ‘I’m not scared’, it had to have a character overcome their fear. This was from 2008.

Peter pulled his jacket closer to his body, trying desperately to get warm. Oh how he hated his mother’s car, they never really had enough money to get a good quality one with the working heaters and with his father dead their financial situation wasn’t going to get any better. Sighing, Peter looked out of the side window and absently watched the trees pass by.

“Mum,” Peter spoke, lazily looking toward his mother, “Are we there yet.”

“Nearly,” she replied, looked over and grinned cheerfully.

“Oh,” Peter looked back out the side window and sat up more.

Trying to find something at least interesting, Peter looked out towards the road which they were travelling along. He spotted a house, yes it was similar to the others but it had a feel that was… different to the others. Yes it was old and worn down, a perfect candidate for a haunted house but that oldness sent shivers down his spine. It was stupid right? To get so worked up about it, but these thoughts did nothing to quell the growing panic. Peter pulled the jacket even tighter around him, almost suffocatingly tight; the fear consuming all rational thought. It was just like that night, the night he watched that monster kill his dad.

“Dad,” Peter called, “You there?”

Peter looked around nervously, he always hated the dark, but there was nothing that could hurt you. His dad told him repeatedly that there were no such things as monsters and that there was nothing out there. It still didn’t do anything to stop his fear.

“Over here,” Peter heard his dad through the shadowy hallway of their creaky, ramshackle home, feeling relieved he ran towards his dad’s voice.

Peter stopped to see his dad standing a few feet away near the bathroom door, being completely unfit Peter stopped and caught his breath again but before he could go up to him. He heard his father scream as a blade cut through his father’s chest. Peter watched numbly as his father fell to the ground, he knew his father was dead. He also knew he should run away but it was like he was paralysed, he stared into those glowing… ‘Wait glowing? But monsters don’t exist…’ red eyes. Slowly, Peter regained control of his legs and with all his might ran down the shadowed hallway.


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