I don’t even know about this.

It was cold. She sat playing in the mud soaked thoroughly by the heavy downpour. Her only company, a toy she was lucky enough to own. Her only toy, a pretty little doll. She watched as the other kids ran for cover. Home, where they would be greeted with a warm hug and two parents who loved them. She didn’t have either. Her parents were too busy to deal with her. Not that she minded anymore. She couldn’t stay with a friend either. Nobody wanted to be friends with the weird kid. That used to get to her but with how her parents treated her, why should she expect anything different?  

She played for a while longer but soon it was dark. She decided to finally move. She stood up, cuddling her drenched doll to her chest. She shivered suddenly as the wet clothes were pressed against her. Mud dripped from her off white socks. She briefly glanced at the path back home but instead headed deeper into the forest. 

Often she heard the other kid’s parents warning them about the dangers of the forest. How it was full of strange monsters and hidden threats. But in all the time she had hung out in the dark woods, she hadn’t seen anything scary or dangerous. No, she had found an old, abandoned shack, that she had long ago dressed up and made a home of. She found it to be more of a home than her parent’s house.  

She pushed open the worn door and stepped inside, quickly shutting the door behind her. It was very dark, wind and rain howling at the cracked windows. She walked over to the area she designated the fireplace and delicately positioned her doll a distance away. She’d had a few close calls with little Angeline almost catching fire from being too close to the fire. She picked up her fire starter and bundled a bunch of sticks on top. With a couple of swift scrapes, she sparked a fire into existence. The room was bathed in a nice warm orange glow. 

She heard something move behind her and looked over her shoulder. There sat a figure at the rickety table she had found a year earlier. He was wearing a horned skull. His skin was pitch black and brillant golden eyes peered out the skull’s eye holes. He was grinning and she smiled back. 


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