Almost Dead #4

I bowed my head. I couldn’t take this thing down, not injured the way I was. I couldn’t even run. I chuckled grimly. This was the end. I could also hear the growls of the witch, much closer now, probably behind me or next me. I hadn’t checked. Nor did I want to. From what I’ve heard those things were creepy looking.

The witch finally started to scream as the shaking, the thundering steps became loud. But instead of feeling the claws dig into me or a fist bash me away, the tank roared in agony. I looked up surprised. The stupid tank had startled the witch. It was slashing away at the thing. The tank was trying desperately to defend itself from the witch’s wrath. Deciding not to dawdle there any further, I pulled my companion onto my back. With great difficulty I managed to stand up, wincing in pain as I put weight onto my left foot. I limped away, the battle between the witch and the tank continuing on behind me. I found my rifle a bit away from us; I picked it up and dragged it along the ground as I struggled to carry him.

Each step was getting harder and harder as I fought to keep awake. I guess the loss of blood was finally catching up on me. I could see barely the spray painted sign of a safe room. I continued, hobbling along, almost tripping to get to the safe room. As I neared it, I could hear coughing. It was a smoker… I couldn’t. No. I began to look frantically about. Could I even fire this thing one handed? I spotted the smoker on top of one of the safe room. It had finally decided to show itself. I dropped to my knees and letting go of my companion, gripped the rifle with both hands. I managed after a couple of shots to get in the chest. I laughed tiredly in triumph at my victory. I picked my companion back up and with renewed vigour pushed my body to get to the safe room.

I dropped my companion on a nearby bed and proceeded even though my muscles protested fiercely bolted the doors to the safe room. Finally… we were safe. I leant against the door, sliding along the rough surface til I was sat on the ground leaning against it. Tiredly, I closed my eyes to take a nap.   


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