Almost Dead #3

I bowed my head. I couldn’t take this thing down, not injured the way I was. I couldn’t even run. I chuckled grimly. This was the end. I could also hear the growls of the witch, much closer now, probably behind me or next me. I hadn’t checked. Nor did I want to. From what I’ve heard those things were creepy looking.

We couldn’t take one, not with just the two of us. It was a miracle that we even managed to kill the other one.  I pulled my companion with me into one of the shipping containers, trying to hide from the foul creature. The grunting got louder as it came closer to where we were. I pressed myself up against the container’s side, trying to calm my rapid breathing. The ground stopped shaking and I realised with a jolt that either it was going to throw something at us or… The whole container was sudden hefted up into the air. It wobbled slightly and then we were thrown. The feeling of flying through the air, pressed against the wall was indescribable. I felt like my heart was going to burst of my chest. I was only dimly aware that the crying that we had heard earlier was getting loudly. 

The container hit the ground roughly, and we were thrown against the sides, hard. I could feel something warm drip down along my face. I reached up, shaking to my head and pressed my palm against my forehead. Pulling it away, I saw blood. A lot of blood. God… I felt so weak. I pressed my palm back against my head and looked around for my companion. What was his name again? He’d introduced himself to me a while back but I guess with all that had happened, I just couldn’t remember. I looked around the dark container; I saw his broken form a short distance away from me. I crawled over, dragging my sore legs against the rusted metal. He was laying face first in the ground, so I pushed him over onto his back. God his head was bleeding badly. I shook his shoulder lightly. Either he was unconscious… I felt for his pulse, it was faint but… 

The tank was still there. I could feel the shaking getting worse as it got closer. And now I could see it too.



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