Almost Dead #2

I covered my face. It was so hot. But now… how were we going to find them? Were they dead? A yelp alerted me to the fact that my companion was now in trouble. I turned to see them hung up against one of the shipping containers, held by one those things’ tongues. The other two had called them ‘Smokers’. I aimed my rifle at it and missed terribly. God, I was shaking too badly. I ran over getting closer and shot this time at the tongue.

My companion was finally released and fell down onto the ground. They mouthed a small thank you before turning and shooting it in the chest. Its guts sprayed down on us and I shuddered in disgust. I picked off my cheek one of its bits and flicked it away, feeling quite sick. How revolting.

We kept moving, trying to find another way through. We weren’t being troubled by many zombies, which was making our progress a lot easier but was confusing the hell out of me. We had encountered heaps earlier but now… I could hear a faint crying in the distance which could only mean one thing: It was a witch. I hadn’t seen one before but the other two had. We always tried to find another way around if we heard crying. Just in case, they always said. We were silent as we snuck around, well as silent as one could get while walking on rubble. There was still the occasional scraping noise as we stepped on pieces that were loose and the continuous crunching. But at least we weren’t making loud noises. They were attracted to loud noises. I clutched my rifle closer to my chest; the lack of any screams was making me nervous. But the silence was short lived, a familiar roar echoed out chilling me. The ground started to shake violently. It was one of them: One of the huge ones. The others had called it a ‘Tank’ and I could understand why. It was surprising that our bullets could even affect it.



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