Almost Dead #1

I should preface that this short story was inspired by a dream I had one night, back in like 2010. It doesn’t feature any of the characters from Left 4 Dead, it just uses the infected.

It felt like I couldn’t breathe, I had been running for so long. I stopped at a corner waiting for the others to catch. The sound of bullets being fired was slowly getting louder, telling me that they were still after us. I looked around; there along the corridor were a few of them, standing stupidly. I aimed my rifle to their rotten heads and took them off one by one, smearing the already blood-stained floor with fresh blood. I heard gurgling behind me, the tell tale sign that it was one of the fat ones, so I turned around to see it right where I’d thought it was: right behind me, it’s lifeless eyes staring at me. I almost screamed but I managed to swallow it down. Instead I bashed it away. I shot at it making it explode when I determined that it was far enough away from me. Pukers… I couldn’t stand them. I shook my head and turned my focus back to my surroundings.

It was silent. Something grabbed my shoulder and I whirled around in fear to see to my relief, the familiar faces of my companions. I gave them a small smile before gesturing towards the hall I had just cleaned out. We ran along it quickly, taking out the ones that were in the rooms we passed. There was one of those push doors at the end which we didn’t slow down for, no we pushed through it. It led us to an open spaced area. We were finally outside. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that dark. I observed the area, trying to make out a route. I had no clue where we were trying to go but I just knew that we had to go this way. Why there were shipping containers outside of the building were just in, was beyond me. There was a rather large one out in front of us. Two my companions were impatient and instead of staying with us and keeping a lookout, ran towards it leaving us trailing behind. They disappeared into the container and just as we were getting close, it exploded.  



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