Gish starts off with a cliché damsel in distress story to motivate the player’s journey. You a small piece of tar, are out with your female friend and suddenly she gets snatched up and pulled underground. You heroically follow on after her. Yawn.

The art style is a mixture of cartoon and grunge. The designs of the enemies remind me of the Binding of Isaac, which I guess since this came out before might’ve been an inspiration XD I don’t find it that appealing.

The controls are pretty simple, but I feel it would be more suited with controller rather than a keyboard. The control scheme just didn’t feel right. How the tar is controlled can be pretty frustrating, and combined with the clunky controls it exacerbates the feeling.

It does offer some interesting mechanics with you playing a fluid ball of tar. You can slide into small places, or make yourself solid to break blocks and defeat the enemies.

The game really isn’t my kind of game.

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