Defender’s Quest #4

There’s a few spoilers in this.

I got a dragon on my team, who thinks of itself as a god. The ice mage warned that it was a bad idea to get involved in these kinds of things, to which the main character (You can decide the name, and I think its randomised, so by main character I mean the Librarian) responded with a fire pun. A groan-inducing pun.

So I continue on and I end up having to fight crazed sheep to feed the dragon’s young instead of it taking some of my team members for food. After we killed a load of them, the odd warrior tells the dragon that the sheep stew was amazing. The dragon tells him that what he was the regurgitated meat that was meant for their young. And then he asks for more. The dialogue really makes the game.

Apparently the odd warrior named his abs and his glutes

In terms of story, the Librarian is a descendant of some soldier, and what caused the plague was the monk and the big bad breaking a blood seal which allowed the big bad to gain terrible powers from a bigger big bad. Also turns out the big bad is actually dead. Things are getting great.

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