This is a revamp of an old assignment that I did last year. I’m updating the art and models. Plus redo’ing all the scripts. I didn’t realise how bad the scripting was and thought it’d only need a little touching up but nope. Had to completely rewrite the scripts.

The way the objects were being created on the platforms didn’t allow me to make pathways using coins which meant they were just being created randomly with no rhyme or reason.

Its been put to the side at the moment. I’m starting on my group game for next semester because I’ve just hit a rut with this. I’ll get back to it when I can figure out how to fix the issues that have come up.

Working on some tiles for an assignment.


WIP pics of a tile sheet I’m working on for a practice 2D platformer. I’m playing around with a limited colour palette. I’m not sure how I’m going to build this 2D platformer but I’ll get to that when I’m done with the tile sheet. I’m still working on the SHMUP. Just haven’t been too into animating the enemies for the time being and wanted to play around a bit.

Yeah…. never got around to actually making this 2D platformer. But it really was a learning experience. I didn’t have that much pixel art practice before this and it taught me a fair bit.


Wow… it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been super busy with my Bachelor of Computer Science, but I managed to find some time for this XD

This is a project I’ve been doing some of the art for. It’s called Aura of Worlds and you can find out some more details at With PAXAUS around the corner, this is one of the logo variations for the panel. 

This isn’t all my work, it’s collaborative effort 😛 

Stupid copyright trolls

Alright, so I’m incredibly peeved at the moment. I uploaded a gameplay video of a game I made 4 years ago, to YouTube. Already its been struck with a copyright claim for the background music used. So I checked the song… and it sounds completely different. 

I went through the GDD of the game to find the exact song used and look to see what the copyright was for the background music in question. Guess what, it’s public domain. I can use it without attribution which is probably why I picked it in the first place.

So not only is the song claimed completely wrong but the music I used was public domain. Even though I’m not monetizing any of my videos, I’m sure as hell not letting somebody else make money off my work. If the dispute is rejected, I’m just going to remove the music entirely. Fuck that copyright troll, they’re getting shit all from me. They’re most likely getting shit all anyway, but that’s besides the point!