Robot Card Game #3

If one were to be turning a physical card game to a digital card game. Would you start a whole new GDD for it or add whole new sections in the original? Not saying that the card game I’m making is going digital, but it’s something that could happen in the future. I reckon putting it in with the original game design document would be the way to go, but the document would get rather big.

We’ve decided to change the theme of the game, to robots rather than mechas. The robots @reimou has come up with aren’t driven by people but are given commands which is handled with their AI.

I dunno, saying they’re mechas kinda puts the wrong image in your head when you think about it but robots seems more fitting. Sorry @kr-studios, we’re really straying away from the original idea. But that’s a good thing since you still have your idea to develop and play around with 🙂

Rene has kinda become the artist for the group. I’m currently the designer which I’m constantly discussing things with my other group members. I guess @sykolamus is the other designer. He’s starting to learn Unity3d atm, which will help in the long run if the game ever does go digital.

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