Since there was a 30 day subscription in the E3 Humble Bundle, I decided to give the game a whirl. It sucks that the game is Windows only, I prefer to play games on my mac laptop since my windows comp is a real PoS. It only runs on the lowest settings and everything looks so bland and terrible.

I chose Dominion and made a Human Scientist Spellslinger called Zuen Flaros. I love the game’s humor so far, they’re the cartoon bad guys. Though the emphasis on them being religious nuts is a bit irritating. 

The combat in the game is a refreshing change from Rift and WoW. Both of which I’ve played extensively. I played WoW on and off since a year after it first came out. And I played Rift during its Beta and for a couple of months this year. It’s more actiony and less: click, stand still, perform your key rotation and maybe move if there’s an AoE.

So far there’s been this big build up, where I’m the emperor’s favourite and now I’ve got some reward for completing the tutorial. I just know something bad is going to happen. Or it could go the cliché way where I, the hero of the Dominion now have a super awesome duty to go on this planet and beat up some Exile. I hoped the bad thing would happen since it would be more interesting but instead the big reveal is that the emperor is a hologram. It was kind of letdown.

I played for less than week before getting completely and utterly bored of the game. I guess the story didn’t grab me since leaving the ship. Pretty much it was just converting the locals to my side’s religion while being dicks to the other faction.

We also ran into the issue where since the keys given out were a particular region? So I found a work around which wasn’t really a work around. Also my friends pretty much gave up on the game sooner than I did, so I playing on my own. So it was huge clusterfuck. 


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