Robot Card Game #2

Up to 11 pages now with the game design doc now. Added in a bunch of @reimou‘s beautiful art to make it look a whole load more spiffy. Which takes up a page or two. Still have a bunch of sections that need filling out XD

I’ve started working on some card types and how many of each card would fit in a regular deck. I’ve started off with their descriptions and attributes since we don’t have the deck themes completely thought out yet. Once that’s done, we’ll start giving them names.  I think there’s underwater, sweets and creepy as themes so far, but don’t quote me on that. 

I’m actually pretty happy with how this first draft of the design doc is going. I can’t wait until we start playtesting to see how much this changes. I’m planning on documenting everything so when its all completed and we’re happy with the final, we can look back at the progress we made. That’s the greatest about documenting things, you can see the journey you’ve made. 

I’ll be posting the first draft before we do the playtesting, so people can see the before and after. 


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