Robot Card Game #1

I’ve been working on game design document with @sykolamus and @reimou for a mecha card game (kind of based off @kr-studios card game), temporarily named ‘Mecha Awesome Card Game’. I’ve got like 7 pages so far of just working out the gameplay and all the rules. We haven’t even started on creating any of the cards yet XD 

Each decks going to have different themes based on their hero engineer so we’ve (by we I mean Rene) has been drawing out tonnes of really cute concepts for mechas. I might as well share some of the rules. 

These are definitely not set in stone as we need to playtest and see how easy these are to follow or if they even work. 

Up to 4 players can play.

Players have a main deck of 40 cards. They have a secondary deck that is only accessible by  Special Cards, this deck is mainly comprised of upgraded forms of the basic units but other cards can be in there also. The maximum size is 20 cards.There are Mecha Cards, Special Cards, and Trap Cards. Not included in the card count is the deck’s hero.

Players start off with 5 cards in their hand. If they have no useable monsters they are allowed to mulligan. If they don’t like their hand, they are allowed to draw again but all other players are allowed to draw a card. Players are only allowed to have 10 cards in their hand at any one time.

Players have a cap of 5 units without any towers captured.

Towers give +2 population cap.

Units are summoned in spaces adjacent to the hero unit unless stated otherwise.

The game is played on a 18 x 18 grid (see Game Board). It’s separated into 4 sections where each player can place their hero within a 4 x 4 area at the far corner of their area.

Players can win by either blocking in their opponent’s hero, so they cannot summon more units or move, or by capturing and owning every tower on the field. 


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