Superfrog HD

I have so many random games on steam.

The story for this one is pretty generic and cliché, it features a cursed prince, a kidnapped princess and a wicked witch. But the frog prince finds a magic potion and gets superpowers.

It pretty much just throws you into the game with no tutorial on what the controls are. I mean yeah, I don’t like long boring tutorials for intuitive gameplay but I didn’t realise I could fire until I looked up the controls. It seemed that since you could take them out by jumping on their heads, that was how you fought the monsters. I only found out that wasn’t the case when I reached the first boss fight with the witch and I couldn’t jump on her head to beat her.

The gameplay kind of reminds me of sonic… from what little of sonic that I played XD Though it’s not my kind of game, it was mildly entertaining.


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