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So here’s the basic GDD for Mecha Game, the card game idea I had. I don’t know how viable it is, since it just seems like Magic: the Gathering without colors, but on a grid. Something that was brought to my attention is that to put the cards on the grid, they’d have to be squares. Still, being digital could fix that. 

I’m not interested in pursuing this idea any further, but it was a good exercise writing it up. It’s interesting to note that I couldn’t get past 25 cards, even when using “cycles”, despite needing about 50 cards for a decent alpha. 

If anyone else wants this idea, let me know, because I’d love to see what you can do with it.

So this is the initial design for the play area as I understand it (Red line are entry zone). Towers (Land) are placed in the entry zone to allow you to summon mechs, which presumably are also placed in the entry zone. This contradicts the fact that all spaces can be filled with towers, which would prevent you from summoning units.

Following this, units are moved about the area similar to how chess pieces move, albeit without the movement patterns. When combat is initiated it works similar to Magic in that they hit each each other and the one with bigger numbers wins.

I do think it’s an interesting concept, and @jesyika pointed out to me that it’s similar to a yu-gi-oh game for the PS2, Duelist of the Roses. Gameplay:

I also have a number of suggestions that could make the game much more unique and a different experience from Magic and the above.

Firstly, the towers could be neutral points on the map at the start of a game that you then have to capture. This way could encourage players to be aggressive and try to capture as many towers as possible, rather than sitting back and building up defenses. This way you could also add environmental features, for ambushes and breaking Line of Sight.

Secondly, you mentioned that mechs have to be adjacent to enemies in order to attack. This kind of goes against what mechs are, which is advanced piece of technology wielding the most powerful weapons. That’s not to say you can’t have melee units, but having just melee units is severely limiting.

As such, you could have a number of different classes of mech.

Some ideas I had for basic mech classes would be, melee, short range (2 attack range), medium range (3 attack range), long range (range between 2 and 4), sniper (range between 3 and 6), Flying (possibly medium to long range depending on armaments) and Artillery (range between 4 and 7, attack delay of one turn). These are just some basic ones and could be refined further to fit different roles. 

Another possibility could be that the mechs themselves are considered hero units, possibily for alternate game modes. You could have support units of tank, infantry or helicopters that can capture towers or harass the enemy, but can’t really do much against an enemy mech. 

At this point though there is on problem that appears. The board is simply too small for this sort of game. Doubling the play size from 9×9 to 18×18 would be a good starting point I feel.

Combat would be more akin to real time tactics than a card game. You could have stealth units, units hiding in ambush and flanking attacks. 

For example, in this image the green attacker would have no advantage, but could possibly create suppressing fire.

Green has a partial flank on the enemy, increasing damage slightly but negating the chance of suppressing fire.

Green has a total flank on orange, vastly increasing damage dealt. If green is undetected or stealthed in some way, damage could be increased further, or even surprise the enemy and prevent it from moving or attacking for a turn.

Movement would also be an issue. Having each mech only be able to move one space each turn would force battles to drag on, and if engaging ranged units, melee units would get slaughtered before getting close. A possibly system would be one similar to that of the old Fallout games where each units has a set number of points for actions which can be used for movement, combat or special abilities. Another option would be the system used in Xcom: Enemy Unkown where each squad member has 2 action points. This gives the option for moving twice, moving then attacking, or simply attacking.

These are just a few basic things I came up with based on your initial concept. All of this could be expanded further without to much effort. 

@sykolamus we are going to paper prototype this idea. This is a thing that needs to happen. And if it works as well as it sounds, I’m going to introduce it to fellows devs at IGDAM and get their thoughts on it. 

Mecha Game


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