Did a bit more on this piece I started for #inktober which isn’t going to be finished anytime soon because my #copicmarkers are running out. #illustration #art #drawing #floatingislands #landscape

This still isn’t finished XD I’m pretty sure I’ve overworked the image and I don’t really like how it’s turned out.


Redoing some old game art. This is a key, enjoy.

Y’know if I ever finish this key, I definitely know the bottom part will loop properly XD


Finished the fanart for kr-studios’s game 😀 #picture #art #illustration #drawing #frog #princess #character #design #Tortuga

Jeez I don’t remember the last time I coloured something in with pencils. Might be something I have to invest in at a later stage. I love using traditional mediums. It sucks that I haven’t had the time to sit down and draw for fun.


Taking a #picture of this before I end up ruining it. It’s looking good so far XD This is a redesign of the previous frog princess fanart thing I did for kr-studios’s game because I really didnt like how the previous one turned out. #wip #sketch #illustration #art #frog #princess #Tortuga #fanart #character #design

The eyes really bother me. But I really like the rest of the design. Its like one of my few attempts with actually doing detailed clothing.

Robot Card Game #5

And finally the first draft of the game design document is complete. All concept art is done by @reimou


Knight Walkcycle WIP by jesyikaturner
Still working on this XD

This was a WIP Walkcycle for a game that ended up going nowhere. I animated this on Photoshop which was hell. One of these days I’m going to go back and actually finish this. 

Robot Card Game #4

Got another person on board, she’s gonna help with any translations we need done. Y’know if we need some interesting names for cards 😛 Her blog is @seductivechickens.

I’ve finally finished the first draft of the game design document but I’m waiting for a finished bit of art before putting it up. @reimou wants to do a really good version of one of the engineers and I gotta say from what I’ve seen so far, it’s looking pretty awesome.

I’m thinking that this is more of a board game than a card game at this point. We might have to reclassify what we call this but we’ll see how it goes. 

Now we have to start designing some card prototypes and once that’s done and we can finally make some time to meet up, our first paper prototype is gonna happen. 😀