I found a bunch of old livestream videos I did while playing Amnesia: the Dark Descent. Can you believe that they’re from 2012? It’s surprising that they’re still on my computer. I decided that I would go through and increase the gamma for them because it wasn’t so dark. There were quite a number of funny things, even though hearing my own voice is cringeworthy.

The resolution for them is absolutely terrible but they’re still watchable, I found this out when trying out the different export methods in Premier Pro. I managed a reasonable one but it’s still boxed in. It also took over an hour to render since the combined footage was over 5 hours.

I have to go through and make a version with all the big pauses cut out since I was playing it with a friend of mine and they got stuck at a part. Plus there was another part where I was just running around with no clue where to go/ what to do. I had to have somebody look up a walkthrough for me. Yeah, it’s lame, but at that point I wanted to just finish the game since my friend wimped out on me. Pretty much my enjoyment was listening to them freak out over jumpscares.

I wonder if I still have the other livestream videos I did…


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