Rain please go away

Thunderstorms can be pretty terrifying. I was out for a little bit of a shopping trip when it started to pour. When I say pour, it was raining pretty hard. Unfortunately I forgot to bring an umbrella, and had to buy a new one. To be honest this new one is better than my old, only issue is that it’s a lot bigger which makes it a hassle to carry around.

But anyways, I was walking home with my new umbrella, and there was thunder and lightning. The lightning struck so close to me that when I started doing the count, I only got to the end of one before the thunder roared. It was so loud. By count, y’know that thing you learn as a kid, where you see lightning and then say either “One, one thousand” or I’ve heard “One mississippi”. Yeah… I still do that.

I’ve always had a fear of being struck by lightning. It’s a really terrifying thought. I remember having a dream where I was outside during a thunderstorm and I was racing to get home before getting struck. Which I found really odd since later on during highschool, I was walking home with my friends and we got caught out during the rain. We were on the corner going onto the street to my house when there was lightning. My friend said no to worry since the lightning wasn’t the kind that was coming from the ground, it was just in the sky. Then immediately after he says that, there was bright flash right before us. Let’s just say we bolted up that street.


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