A Story Idea

Yet another piece of writing I found lying about. This one’s from 2010. I’d like to think I’ve improved since then but I haven’t been practicing at all XD Anyways enjoy!

Oh right, warning there’s some dark themes. I’ve tagged them so if they’re not your cup of tea, please don’t read 🙂

“Apparently the wi….” The TV screen switched to another channel, the evening report interrupted. In the middle of the room was a young blonde, masked man and beside him on the plastic covered ground was his securely wrapped victim sat upon a chair. The man greeted the audience with a sadistic grin and proceeded to raise his left hand.

“Today, ladies and gentleman, we will be learning how to make our own zombies,” he laughed as a glowing blade formed in his hand, “First we have to have a body, preferably fresh.”

“Nothing old and rotting unless you like having that smell around,” he walked up to the lady and leaning over to her ear, he whispered something that made her squirm and yell out through the gag. Laughing he pulled away and stabbed the glowing blade into her neck. Blood spurted out, splattering on the plastic floor which pooled around the indents the chair left on the plastic mat.

“Now you have to let the blood drain out,” he continued ripping his blade from her neck. “Or else the next bit will be a bit messy,” he walked up close to the screen, his bright blue eyes looking directly at the viewers, “No one likes messiness, now do they?”

“Since, draining the blood takes a while,” he walked back to the lady, who’s screaming and struggling grew less as the blood continued to spurt and bleed onto the floor, “I’ll just have to start now.”

Pulling the bounds off of her, he kicked the chair out causing her to fall in the pool of blood back first, the chair toppled over to the side of her a few feet away. Readying his blade he pushed the lady over onto her face and roughly cut the white bloodstained top she was wearing off, leaving her unmarred back bare to the world save for her bra strap which he promptly cut off. Kneeling, slowly, carefully he began to carve, strange symbols into her back. Blood welled up and began to cascade down her sides, furthering the pool of blood that surrounded her bloody form. The girl’s struggling had completely ceased by the time he finally stood up, knees soaked in her blood.

Facing the camera, the viewers could see the satisfaction, the glee in his expression, “You can see the spell isn’t complete… yet,” he called out to someone out of view, “You see, this spell is something of my own creation, anyone else who touches her will complete it.”

Another girl of similar height to the other emerged onscreen, “Mel,” she cried out, running towards the dead body.

She dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around the cold, bloody girl, burying her head in the blood crusted blonde hair. Her sobs clearly heard from the camera.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” he said amused.

The girl glared at him, “YOU! You monster!” she shouted angrily, pulling herself away from her bloody, dead friend.

Suddenly a loud, breathy moan came from her fallen friend, making them both look in that direction. The corpse pulled her blood soaked nude body up into view. Her eyes wide and clouded, mouth open as she/it dragged itself over to her still living friend. The living girl screamed and pulled away from the out-stretched dead, cold hands. She ran off the set and the recently risen body stumbled after to her. Screams resonated off-screen and the masked man just stood there laughing as the bloody battle went on. The sickening crack of bones breaking and the tearing sounds could be heard amongst the laughter.

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