Alex’s Nasty Little Habit

Came across some of my old writing, decided to post it up here 🙂 I really need to have certain days set to posting specific content. Ah well, here’s the story. Enjoy!

He gently threaded the string through his latest victim. Assorted ears and eyes lay scattered across the table, he worked at silently. In and out, in and out, he pulled the string through and through to allow the creature to have the image of a smile: a very wonky smile but still quite clearly a smile. The needle was dropped onto the desk. He grinned terribly as he admired his handiwork. He reached out clothed limb and grasped a pair of rusty scissors: old they were but still very sharp. He carefully cut the thread close to its mouth, making sure not to harm his work in any way. He placed it down then picked up his needle again. He grasped one of the cool black eyes that had been lying close to one of “finished” victims. He grinned when he realised that this one was getting close to being finished too. All it needed now was its eyes. He poked the needle into it and began sewing the eye on. He chuckled happily; it was so close to being finished.
The lights flickered on, causing him to whirl around in shock. Who had? There standing in the doorway was his friend. Alexander stood there, arms crossed; very clearly not amused.

“Alex what are you doing?” Alexander walked over to him and when seeing his creations glared daggers at him, “What the hell!?”

Alex looked down at his sock puppets amused.

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