Draw This Again

15129 Draw This Again

Just a little bit of art that I did last month. I was looking through my folders upon folders of old art, to sort them out into something manageable. I stumbled across this old cover I did for an unfinished comic and I thought jokingly, “Hey, I could totally do that better now”. As it turns out, I can. I didn’t really think there’d be a huge improvement since I haven’t been doing much digital art in terms of people and faces.

The comic as far as I remember was about the kid’s soul being split and put into the cloak. So the human was called Alexander and the cloak was called Alex. As the story progressed Alex got stronger and started to form some kind of corporeal form and I think he turned evil? It was really strange XD Poorly thought out too.

The comic was my first forays into digital painting. I’m not really sure if it was done with a tablet. Because at that point I was trying out the pen tool to do my lines. I really don’t get how people use that tool… it’s super tedious.

You can find the meme here, and I have a better resolution version of my re-done cover here.

I’d be interested in seeing other people’s before and afters of art they’ve done. So comment below if you’ve ever done this meme before or are planning on it. It’s great to look back and feel proud of how far you’ve come 🙂

2 Responses to Draw This Again

  1. leet_g33k says:

    They both have their strengths, I think. I’m a sucker for minimalist art, and the first version of the creature reminds me of a void in space, rather than a solid black colour – very cool!

    That being said, there’s way more emotion in the second version. So good job either way!

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