A Nice Day Out [Art]



A before and after of a small sketch I did awhile back. I’ve been exploring Filters on Photoshop and I’m loving the effect it’s given this piece. I used really poor quality paper with my copic markers and it shows. But with the use of this filter, the grains of the paper doesn’t show anymore!

Elements [Art]

girl sitting in a cave

This was an entry to a contest on deviantart. The prompt was Elements.

It is inspired by the many video games that represent the elements by crystals and I guess that’s why I immediately came up with this after reading the prompt. In this piece, the elements, fire, water, earth and water are represented by the crystals. 

I chose a cave setting because surprise surprise, most of the time all the elements are found there. The rocky walls are the earth, its dark and wet because of the water flowing down into its depths, air blows through the nooks and crannies making it a very cold experience. And fire is what we use to light our way.  

You could say they’re all represented in the piece without the crystals, and fire is there because there is light coming from somewhere. All the colours of the elements are reflected in the girl who I wanted in there because it just added more life to the piece.

This picture has the most notes out of everything posted on my tumblr. Why? Because somebody liked it enough to put it on tumblr radar. Of course I didn’t know that at first. I awoke to the annoying pings of my tablet notifying me that something was happening. I flicked the screen and saw all these likes and comments coming in.

Then came the flood of follows. 250 followers at the end of that. I had at the time like 3o followers, which jumped up to that number in less than a few hours. It really wasn’t a pleasant experience. It’s validating that so many people liked my art, but I felt like anything I posted after that would be a disappointment to the numerous people who followed me.

Almost Dead

Now this piece I’m definitely sure was based off a really vivid dream. It’s pretty much Left 4 Dead fanfiction, because in my dream it had those zombies. Now the characters are original but that’s about it. Anyways, warning there’s zombies. If you don’t like zombies, please don’t read 😛

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A Story Idea

Yet another piece of writing I found lying about. This one’s from 2010. I’d like to think I’ve improved since then but I haven’t been practicing at all XD Anyways enjoy!

Oh right, warning there’s some dark themes. I’ve tagged them so if they’re not your cup of tea, please don’t read 🙂
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Alex’s Nasty Little Habit

Came across some of my old writing, decided to post it up here 🙂 I really need to have certain days set to posting specific content. Ah well, here’s the story. Enjoy!

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Defender’s Quest #5

Warning: More spoilers ahead! Turn back now or suffer the consequences.

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Defender’s Quest #4

Warning: Getting into spoiler territory here! If you haven’t played the game and don’t want it ruined for you, don’t read this XD

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