Elements [Art]

This was an entry to a contest on deviantart. The prompt was Elements. It is inspired by the many video games that represent the elements by crystals and I guess that’s why I immediately came up with this after reading the prompt. In this piece, the elements, fire, water, earth and water are represented byContinue reading “Elements [Art]”

Defender’s Quest #3

I love this game so much. The character’s interactions with each other is hilarious. My favourite member of the team is the odd warrior. There was this one point where he was calling the knight (who was a prince?) a sissy for wearing armour and only true fighters go without clothes. The knight pointed outContinue reading “Defender’s Quest #3”

Defender’s Quest #2

Okay… so I’ve gotten really hooked. I love the rpg elements added to the game, leveling up the “towers”, equipping them with upgrades and working out their skill trees is a lot of fun. I love it. The story has unfolded more, turns out the big bad is responsible for the plague and is a former princeContinue reading “Defender’s Quest #2”

Draw This Again

Just a little bit of art that I did last month. I was looking through my folders upon folders of old art, to sort them out into something manageable. I stumbled across this old cover I did for an unfinished comic and I thought jokingly, “Hey, I could totally do that better now”. As it turnsContinue reading “Draw This Again”