Wow. Where to begin with my group game. The group fell to pieces, well. One person did. They ended up doing barely any work for the 12 weeks we had to work on the game. Most of their work I had to do and I wasn’t even meant to be designing shit.

I found it super stressful and I just had no time to even think about writing updates.  But looking on the bright side we got in a mostly finished game. It still had some bugs and needed a fair bit of fine tuning but considering how much fucking around there was where nobody knew what was going on, I’m pretty proud of what we accomplished. Plus I don’t ever have to work with them again.

This is going to be a long post so…
The game was renamed to BlockUP because with the redesign of the game mechanics, the name “The World We Make” didn’t really fit anymore. We ditched the whole local multiplayer and I ended up making the game split screen with gamepad support. Well it couldn’t be played with both people on the keyboard. I got the 3rd person camera working and did redesign of the pickup script. There were bugs here and there that cropped up but they got quickly ironed out and everything was fine. I had to look up how other games handled picking up items in a 3rd person view. Which lead to me playing a couple of hours of Minecraft and Fallout 3 because those were the only two which came to mind.

Because we left only 2 weeks to do an overhaul to the UI and add in the split screen with controllers and I had no idea how to even use controllers there were major issues with the camera movement. The camera would always go back to its starting position, I just didn’t have the time to figure out why. I guess with my next project, I’ll look into that and make sure it works. (I don’t really want to work on BlockUP anymore, its not like it’ll get anywhere.)

The character had its animations: the walking was perfect. The jump turned out to be off and we just didn’t have the time to focus on fixing that. Which was disappointing, because in Maya it looked really good.

The block placements were better than before but I never could figure out how to stop them from being placed inside each other.

I added in flame particles that emitted when the lava touch the blocks which I then had to script in that if the blocks were pulled out of the lava they would be destroyed. I should’ve put all the particle systems into a Queue like I did with the blocks seeing as I was creating and destroying them so much. From what I’ve learned Unity3d doesn’t handle destroying objects that well and doesn’t reuse that memory that was assigned to the block that be destroyed. Also the instantiation would lag the game. I’m probably wrong with why creating and destroying gameobjects all the time isn’t a good thing to do. But ah well.

We added in solid blocks which the player can’t pick up and with the level generation, it had a higher chance of the block spawner being a solid block generator. That was my solution to people continually reusing the same blocks to get higher. The solid blocks could only be destroyed by explosive blocks which, I didn’t do. The other programmer did and it was awesome. I added in an explosive particle emitter and they were more or less finished. The texture on the bombs counts down and then they explode.

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