I decided to take a little break from scripting and go through some of my backlog of games. I decided on Evoland because when I first saw it, I really wanted to play it.

The idea behind it was what really got me interested but I quickly found that it was poorly executed. It got boring. While it does explore the progression of RPG games, it does it in an extremely shallow way. It lacks the understanding of the core mechanics that made the games that this game explores, classics.

It constantly makes small digs at commonly found tropes in this genre of gaming but doesn’t really go anywhere with it. The developers could’ve deconstructed them and perhaps subverted them and yet there’s nothing. It’s kind of disappointing.

I really only found one section of the game truly enjoyable. It was simple puzzle where the player has to switch between 2D(top down, old rpg style) and 3D to solve. I really wanted to see more of this, to see this concept explored further. But like the rest of the game, it does this just as shallow.

I’m currently up to the last boss in the game and I’m really not enjoying it. It’s not a bad game because it has its moments. It’s just lacking and I’ve decided that I just don’t want to play it anymore.



I’m so terrible with typography XD But this here is what my game currently looks like and that’s the title for it. It has background sound now. I’m going to be working on the title and end screens tomorrow. Then I’ll work out bugs and put all my work together for the pdf I have to submit with this.

Maybe my piece and base tiles should have a glass-like texture. Or something reflective.

I still need to add in the player hands… I’m going to try and get that all working but if I can’t, well it works okay without it. I’d really like to add it in though. I might need to play test what I have before I really decide on if I can exclude it or not.

I still need to make rounded edge clear tiles to replace the square . I need to come up with a design for the base tiles too. Probably have a diamond a triangle on the base tiles. Now should I make them a marble texture like the walkway/ block tiles or wooden like the pieces? Making them marble would make the pieces stand out more.

What should I even put in the background…. I really have a lot of work to do. Jeeze I haven’t even thought about sounds or the menu screens/ win screens.

I finally get the pickup script done for my game and find out that it doesn’t work in multiplayer… It works just fine for the host and the clients can see the host player pickup and move blocks just fine but the moment the client player picks up a block and moves it, it doesn’t register. I have no idea why it doesn’t work. Hopefully I’ll be able to find something about it on google. But I can’t keep working on it now. I have to do my other assignment that’s due soon.

Kind of panicking about that…. Luckily I’ve figured out the creating the board and being able to place tiles. I’ve gotten a little stuck on selecting pieces on those placed tiles but I should be able to work it out if I keep trying. I still need to start a GDD for that too.

Okay, I fixed the camera and I checked it on two computers. The both connect to each other fine. There’s a little bug with the rooms you can join (there really should only be one option to join, not 3 or 4). But at least the controls are working. Both players are getting set to a team and depending on that team that can spawn their own colour blocks. I had to rewrite a chunk but I’m pretty happy with the result.

Just need to start fixing up the pickup script and all the basics will be done 😀

Been working on my game for my course. I just can’t figure out networking with a camera on each object. It sucks. I think I need to create a player info script that on creation, randomly assigns a number to player to determine their team/ class whatever. Because I currently have it in the main player script that deals with everything on the player object. And on player spawn, it assigns a number then. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s fucking everything up. I gotta try that out in the morning. It’s just really pissing me off.

I haven’t even started properly on my experience design assignment which is a bit dumb on my part. I’ll put up some info on that when I start working on the design document. I’ve started looking at the scripts I’ll need to do for that. Why do board games have to be so confusing. Sigh.