Do you ever look in a mirror and stare at your reflection? Do you ever stare directly into it’s eyes and feel like you’re being watched? Or that it will suddenly blink while you’re participating in your own staring contest?

When getting dressed or brushing your hair, do you ever wonder what would happen if your reflection just stopped following you? It just stopped, stood there and stared?

Mirrors are scary things even though they really shouldn’t be. Reflections are just reflections… right?

AC:R Med Defence

This part of the game is so like a Facebook game, its not funny. You have to keep going back to check on your city’s control percentage and do missions over and over to keep it at 100%. If you don’t then your cities get attacked by the templars and if you don’t protect that city, the templars take it back from you.

The missions all have a chance of failure if your assassin’s aren’t the right level then they’ll either die or get wounded. Sure it’s good for money, but it’s such a time sink. It’s not even that fun, it’s like work.

I had a game-breaking bug where when my assassin failed the mission, the game would crash and I’d have to turn it off and restart it. Since the mission had a 47% chance of succeeding, I had to keep restarting till it worked. It was such BS. I seriously thought I’d have to start a new game which would’ve sucked so much. I had JUST finished buying the whole city.

So yeah if you encounter that bug, keep restarting, you’ll eventually get a successful mission.