Well. It’s been awhile.

A lot has happened in the last two years and I’ve been moving between blog sites. But I’ve decided that now’s a great time to start blogging again.

I successfully completed year 13 at NDS and received a Certificate IV in Design/ Fine Art which was a relief. I didn’t get as high a mark as I would’ve liked in some areas but really that was my fault for not pushing the bounds of briefs that I had to do.

I managed to put together a reasonable portfolio which out of the places that I attended interviews for, got a place at all of them. I chose to do a course at RMIT for a Bachelor in Design (Games). That was a great move on my part because it introduced me to programming, I never thought that I would enjoy it this much.

First year of Uni was tough, but I passed it getting mostly Distinctions. I’m currently in my second year, semester one. Getting towards the end though. And because its so close to the end, all my assignments are piling up. I have a web3d programming assignment due this Friday, an essay regarding taste in the video games industry due on Monday next week and three major assignments due Sunday next week. It’s getting slightly stressful. My plan is to finish the programming assignment by Thursday, then I’ll write up the essay on Friday and from then on it’s the last three assignments. Those last three assignments are two games and a portfolio of the work done during the semester for one of my subjects.

Recently I’ve given up on deviantArt because its environment and the general attitude towards art was immature and destructive. Critique there is viewed with such scorn and hate that it breeds artists with inflated egos. Praise is all good and well but not every little thing you create is perfect.

I tried blogging with Tumblr at a point, but really all I ended up doing was reblogging gifsets and other people’s art rather than my own. I also tried posting all my art up onto my artblog but because I have so many duplicate files, I end up spending more time organising them rather than submitting them. It’s rather silly.

I really should be programming my web3d assignment right now, but I can hardly concentrate. Or maybe its the procrastination talking? Anyways I’ll be posting my assignment 3 up here after I submitted it and it’s been marked. So if anybody else needs help on how to use javascript with three.js, they can look at the code I’ve worked out. Considering how much of the code I’ve done was learned from looking at how other people have coded it, its only fair.


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