Silent Hill: Book of Memories

I am so angry right now, and extremely disappointed. Yes, its rant time again. This time it’s about an up-coming game (not by that dipshit). This game is Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

I love the Silent Hill series. I love everything about it: the story, the character, the monsters, the environments, and the atmosphere. I don’t love the fighting mechanics but I understand what the developers were trying to achieve and did achieve which was the sense of vulnerability, reality and brutality of the fighting. I did love the puzzle aspect too. But when I say Silent Hill series, I’m just talking about the first four games. The rest: Origins, Homecoming, Shattered Memories and Downpour do nothing to add to the story, they make no sense in context to the first four games and they aren’t that scary. Okay Origins was scary, but its story made no sense.

Now you may be wondering why I’m bringing this all up, its because Konami who refuses to let the series die is letting yet another team make a Silent Hill game. This team is creating a diablo clone, reusing the monsters from the previous Silent Hill games, making a story that has no relevance to any of the games AND removing the psychological horror aspect.

Book of Memories is a multiplayer, overhead action game. The plot the game is that the main character which the player can slightly customise, has found this book that has their whole life story written in it. The main character decided that ‘hey, I’m going to fuck around with this and rewrite parts.’ That’s it. Sounds very Silent Hill-ish right?

The Silent Hill series is a psychological horror that’s what made it so different from all other survival horror games at the time. That was what it was known for. To remove the very aspect that made it so unique, is unbelievably stupid. To reuse monsters that were designed to be unique to the main characters is ignorant and its quite clear that the development team are very uncreative and they don’t understand the series at all. This game, Book of Memories isn’t at all Silent Hill. They say in one of the videos that it is a “homage”. I call bullshit. I think they should be honest and tell it like it is. This game is not a homage to the series rather yet another way to milk it for what its worth.

If you guys want to look at its “scariness”.

I just want the series to die. I don’t want anymore Silent Hill games because there’s nothing more to add to the story. The first four were fantastic and its clear that new developers can’t create games that are to the same standard in relation to them. If Origins, Homecoming, Shattered Memories, Downpour and Book of Memories were their own games, with no Silent Hill references thrown in, I’d probably like them. I don’t like them because compared to the previous games, they’re shit. On their own, they’re decent.

Origins had breakable weapons and a scary atmosphere. There was also a pretty cool mechanic of switching between the two realities that was pretty cool in terms of navigating through the environments.

Homecoming, had fast fighting and branching dialogue options which all lead to the same outcome but was still pretty nifty.

Shattered Memories played with the whole psychological profiling mechanic where the environment and ending was determined by what you continually looked at and what you chose. (Even though Silent Hill 2 did this while the player was unaware).

Downpour had side-quests and more exploration.

If you look at them not in relation to Silent Hill, they’re pretty cool. The concepts and mechanics work but because they ARE in relation to Silent Hill, the concepts and mechanics don’t help the series at all.