Sort of a Review for Path of Exile

I wrote up a kind of a review for Path of Exile, recommending it to other students via class forum.

“I recently started playing this. It’s currently in beta, but from what I’ve seen of it so far, its pretty polished. It’s a free-to-play action MMORPG, currently under development by Grinding Gear Games. So far the only way to get in before its released is to either make an account and randomly get selected or to pre-purchase it for some goodies and the beta key. I bought the 15 dollar package so I could get the soundtrack for the game.

There are six classes for you to choose from, which three are pure builds and the other three are hybrids. I don’t know if there’s going to be more added, but thats what it currently has.
The pure classes are the Ranger which is the dex class, the Witch which is the int class, the Marauder which is the str class. The hybrids classes are the Duelist is the str/dex class, the Templar which is the str/int class and the Shadow which is the dex/int class.

Each can only use specific weapons/ weapon combinations. From experimentation, a friend and I found out that the witch class can’t duel wield a wand and a dagger but can duel wield two wands.

There’s this gem leveling system where you can socket them into the gear/weapon you’re using to use its skills, and they level up as you get experience. For example I started off with a lighting arrow gem and a fire arrow gem which are both green gems and can only be placed in green sockets. Pretty standard there, but before I put them in I only had normal attack on my mouse when I put them in I had two new moves. These gems can be exchanged between your characters too. PoE has a shared stash are which all your characters share.
Now the most interesting part of the game is the talent tree system. It’s completely passive. There’s no move abilities in there, its all increases to different attributes or increases to different weapons.

From what I’ve played of this game, I can’t really fault it. It’s got a really nice gritty art style, the animation quality is nice, the gameplay is challenging yet rewarding. Actually I do have one gripe which is the inventory system. The inventory system is like Diablo’s, where you have to fit all the items in. There just isn’t enough room to satisfy my need to collect every bit of loot there is. But that’s really a problem with my playstyle than it is with the game.

I highly recommend that everybody should check this game out.

I think its a decent review. What do you guys think?

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