I’ve been going out and giving concrit to some pieces I find on Deviantart. Why? Because I need to improve on using art terminology and I think that some people really need comments saying what was liked and what wasn’t. You don’t see it happening a lot on DA, which is pretty sad in my opinion.

Hearing/ Reading “that’s so awesome,” doesn’t really help people improve as an artist. Big words coming from me I guess, but thats how I feel.

I don’t really get enough concrit as I should be getting, which is very disappointing. I’m just hoping that if I do it to other people, they’ll be nice enough to go on my deviantart, and point out what they really like about my pieces.

I think I’ve gotten better at talking on the internet. Like a year ago, I’d seriously freak out whenever it came to responding to another person I didn’t know via the web. It’s nice not getting stressed about it anymore.

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