Path of Exile

Played some Path of Exile today. It’s a free-to-play (ftp) action mmo by Grinding Gear Games. I pre-purchased it to get into the beta and support the developers. I also wanted the soundtrack. It’s a really great game in my opinion. The environments are very gritty with very nice textures. The character model changes with the armour you equip. The spell effects are simple yet effectively convey the action. These are all a plus to me because most FTPs don’t have that kind of quality, from what I’ve played/ seen. The combat is fun and challenging in parts. It requires you to pay attention. So I can’t eat while running around like I can on other MMOs.

Usually FTP games bore me within a couple of hours but this hasn’t. It also has a nostalgic quality to it. I’m pretty sure there’s a story to it, but I haven’t paid attention at all. Whenever it came to quests, I’d just quickly click past to get the quest reward, so I could get back to the monster slaughter.




In the screenshots I’m in a party with two of my best friends. On some of them I have the map overlay, which is REALLY useful.

There was this one boss enemy that so hard. It would regen faster than we could get its life down and it was constantly spawning magic skeletons. Since I’m all specc’d into dex rather than life, my character dies so quickly. Oh that’s another thing different from other MMOs I’ve played, the talent tree system. In PoE, it’s all passive abilities. So increases to damage using certain weapons, increases to base stats etc.

I highly recommend that anybody who’s interested in this genre of game, to either play it on release, pre-purchase to get into the beta or just make an account and wait til you get randomly chosen to get into the beta.

It’s seriously fun. I can’t fault it.

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