Has the gall to say I don’t have any respect for others. I don’t have any fucking respect for this dipshit. Has the gall to say he’s an authority figure when he runs a shitty forum. Now if it was a successful forum, then maybe he’d be that but no he’s just some pissy little teen who has a self-importance complex. I have no problems with the other moderators, so if I had a problem with authority wouldn’t I have a problem with them too?

I don’t even consider random dudes on a forum, my authority figures anyway. Teachers, Police, Parents, yes. Some fuckwit on a shittily thrown together forum? No.

I have no respect for people who continually talk down to others, who preaches that their stuff is amazing when there’s no evidence of such. I also have no respect for people who use rape in a light joking manner on a public forum, to a female user, or the way he brought a breast enlarger to a female user yet with male users, its all fucking normal.

Apparently hes going to make a video. On what? More nonsense? He has nothing to show.

He has a 3d artist. Yet there’s no concept art for this “artist” to work off of.

Excellent work dipshit. Excellent work.

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