Sort of a Review for Path of Exile

I wrote up a kind of a review for Path of Exile, recommending it to other students via class forum.

“I recently started playing this. It’s currently in beta, but from what I’ve seen of it so far, its pretty polished. It’s a free-to-play action MMORPG, currently under development by Grinding Gear Games. So far the only way to get in before its released is to either make an account and randomly get selected or to pre-purchase it for some goodies and the beta key. I bought the 15 dollar package so I could get the soundtrack for the game.

There are six classes for you to choose from, which three are pure builds and the other three are hybrids. I don’t know if there’s going to be more added, but thats what it currently has.
The pure classes are the Ranger which is the dex class, the Witch which is the int class, the Marauder which is the str class. The hybrids classes are the Duelist is the str/dex class, the Templar which is the str/int class and the Shadow which is the dex/int class.

Each can only use specific weapons/ weapon combinations. From experimentation, a friend and I found out that the witch class can’t duel wield a wand and a dagger but can duel wield two wands.

There’s this gem leveling system where you can socket them into the gear/weapon you’re using to use its skills, and they level up as you get experience. For example I started off with a lighting arrow gem and a fire arrow gem which are both green gems and can only be placed in green sockets. Pretty standard there, but before I put them in I only had normal attack on my mouse when I put them in I had two new moves. These gems can be exchanged between your characters too. PoE has a shared stash are which all your characters share.
Now the most interesting part of the game is the talent tree system. It’s completely passive. There’s no move abilities in there, its all increases to different attributes or increases to different weapons.

From what I’ve played of this game, I can’t really fault it. It’s got a really nice gritty art style, the animation quality is nice, the gameplay is challenging yet rewarding. Actually I do have one gripe which is the inventory system. The inventory system is like Diablo’s, where you have to fit all the items in. There just isn’t enough room to satisfy my need to collect every bit of loot there is. But that’s really a problem with my playstyle than it is with the game.

I highly recommend that everybody should check this game out.

I think its a decent review. What do you guys think?


I’ve been going out and giving concrit to some pieces I find on Deviantart. Why? Because I need to improve on using art terminology and I think that some people really need comments saying what was liked and what wasn’t. You don’t see it happening a lot on DA, which is pretty sad in my opinion.

Hearing/ Reading “that’s so awesome,” doesn’t really help people improve as an artist. Big words coming from me I guess, but thats how I feel.

I don’t really get enough concrit as I should be getting, which is very disappointing. I’m just hoping that if I do it to other people, they’ll be nice enough to go on my deviantart, and point out what they really like about my pieces.

I think I’ve gotten better at talking on the internet. Like a year ago, I’d seriously freak out whenever it came to responding to another person I didn’t know via the web. It’s nice not getting stressed about it anymore.

Path of Exile

Played some Path of Exile today. It’s a free-to-play (ftp) action mmo by Grinding Gear Games. I pre-purchased it to get into the beta and support the developers. I also wanted the soundtrack. It’s a really great game in my opinion. The environments are very gritty with very nice textures. The character model changes with the armour you equip. The spell effects are simple yet effectively convey the action. These are all a plus to me because most FTPs don’t have that kind of quality, from what I’ve played/ seen. The combat is fun and challenging in parts. It requires you to pay attention. So I can’t eat while running around like I can on other MMOs.

Usually FTP games bore me within a couple of hours but this hasn’t. It also has a nostalgic quality to it. I’m pretty sure there’s a story to it, but I haven’t paid attention at all. Whenever it came to quests, I’d just quickly click past to get the quest reward, so I could get back to the monster slaughter.




In the screenshots I’m in a party with two of my best friends. On some of them I have the map overlay, which is REALLY useful.

There was this one boss enemy that so hard. It would regen faster than we could get its life down and it was constantly spawning magic skeletons. Since I’m all specc’d into dex rather than life, my character dies so quickly. Oh that’s another thing different from other MMOs I’ve played, the talent tree system. In PoE, it’s all passive abilities. So increases to damage using certain weapons, increases to base stats etc.

I highly recommend that anybody who’s interested in this genre of game, to either play it on release, pre-purchase to get into the beta or just make an account and wait til you get randomly chosen to get into the beta.

It’s seriously fun. I can’t fault it.

Waiting for my scene to finish rendering 900 images. Currently 2am, and only 233 have rendered so far.

Fuck my life…

I forgot to have all the fucking things showing.

Gotta have to restart.

It wasn’t ALL for naught I guess. I found some old animations, I saw years ago while waiting for the 233 images to render. I can’t find this one animation though. Which sucks. I don’ think I’ll ever find it again, sadly. Probably got deleted. Hate when that happens.

Anyways starting the batch renderer AGAIN. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep while it noisily renders.

I don’t understand.

I’m near the point of tearing my hair out in frustration. I’m trying to make a UV psd network but nooooo… Invalid call to “filetest”. What the fuck does that even mean? It was working fine the last time I tried, now its coming up with that shit.

Has the gall to say I don’t have any respect for others. I don’t have any fucking respect for this dipshit. Has the gall to say he’s an authority figure when he runs a shitty forum. Now if it was a successful forum, then maybe he’d be that but no he’s just some pissy little teen who has a self-importance complex. I have no problems with the other moderators, so if I had a problem with authority wouldn’t I have a problem with them too?

I don’t even consider random dudes on a forum, my authority figures anyway. Teachers, Police, Parents, yes. Some fuckwit on a shittily thrown together forum? No.

I have no respect for people who continually talk down to others, who preaches that their stuff is amazing when there’s no evidence of such. I also have no respect for people who use rape in a light joking manner on a public forum, to a female user, or the way he brought a breast enlarger to a female user yet with male users, its all fucking normal.

Apparently hes going to make a video. On what? More nonsense? He has nothing to show.

He has a 3d artist. Yet there’s no concept art for this “artist” to work off of.

Excellent work dipshit. Excellent work.


Wish I could find a way to legitimately buy American Mcgee’s Alice without having to order off I just want a digital version.

Slowly buying all my fave PC games. I’ll own them all eventually.