Ink Picture

Ink Picture
Work from a while back, that I finally got around to uploading. Enjoy.


Animation and Contrast piece

Forest Animation
I FINALLY finished my animation. It took so long but now its finally decent enough to submit.

Contrast Panels
Contrast in shape, contrast in size and contrast in colour, with a triad colour scheme.

German Expressionist Landscape

German Expressionist Landscape

Heaps of buildings are there in the background to show overcrowding of society. The empty playground in the foreground is there to create of feeling of loneliness: Though people are crowded in small areas, there is hardly any real connection between them.

Character Design Concepts

Wanted to draw two of my characters: Adrias and his demon Zerra.

Character designs for Concept Art:
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More Art

I ordered the second book of the level 26 series: Dark Prophecy. I’m really looking forward to reading it. Hopefully it’ll be just as good as the first one. Anyways on Thursday I was given a new brief for Visual Literacy, where I have to have three panels and in each panel they have to show one of the three contrasts: contrast in size, contrast in shape and contrast in colour. Here’s an example:

Other than that I’ve been working a bit on my animation. So far I’ve only scanned in one image, which I did some colour balance stuff on it with Photoshop. I think it fits the song I chose: ‘Ghost Children’ from the ‘Coraline Soundtrack’. But I still have heaps to do.

I’ll get there eventually. At least I got some extra time on it. It’s a lot of work hand drawing each frame and it takes so long. But hopefully when I put it all together on Adobe Flash, it’ll look really good. I’ll be posting it on DA when it’s finished without the sound.

Thursday I also handed in my relief sculpture artwork. Not many people actually had it ready to hand in on the day so I’m pretty happy I managed to get it all done and printed out before then.

I used that quote because when I looked at my picture, it was the first thing that came to mind.