Heap load of WIP art

Artworks I’ve been working on during the week:

I worked more on the shading for my matchbox city with warm grey copic markers. Plus I added some more variation in the shading with a sign pen.

I added some colours using copic markers: skin colour and light blue. Then I rubbed some blue pastel into the work. I’m planning on cutting out the city and pasting it on an inky background.

On Tuesday, I finished the final design sketches for a postcard brief.

I started building it on the fence. It turned out completely different than my plan.

I submitted my pattern piece. It turned out… interesting. The neon pink makes it stand out awesomely.

I redrew a figure from one of my completed pictures.

On Friday I went to an excursion to Luna park, not to go to the rides or anything but to take pictures and go to the beach. We drew pictures in the sand for one of the tasks, and then we were sent off to get materials for two other tasks. I felt like such a stalker, taking pictures of random people with my phone. ‘Twas a fun day, we got free food at the end of it!

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