School… Laziness

I did a fair bit this week but… since I’m kind of busy with heaps of work, I’ll put up the pictures of what I’ve done sometime next week.

I did some crappy animated figures work on Tuesday; you’ll see what I mean by crappy next week. In my opinion, they aren’t up to the standard of work I expect from myself.

I also finished the two illustrations for Imagery and Illustration. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

On Wednesday I practically finished my animation. I even figure out how to add sounds! Course the only sounds I had were stuff I downloaded for videogames I like. E.g.: Silent Hill, American McGee’s Alice etc.

Thursday… Life drawing… Blind Contour drawings…. To keep it simple, I don’t like blind contour at all.

And the thing that’s keeping me busy at the moment, the colour cards for Visual Literacy. They’re kinda due on Thursday… and I haven’t even finished one. That’s not including the work from last Concept Art lesson which I still need to do. AND I have to figure out my food labels for Culture and Context. SIGH!


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