An update on things

I’ve decided to update at the end of every week because I usually forget to update when something happens.

On Monday I handed in my bookmark for culture and context. For my bookmark I had to take the works of Art Nouveau Artists and take parts of them and use them to create an art nouveau piece. I used the works: ‘Peacock Skirt’ by Aubrey Beardsley, ‘Climax’ which is also by Aubrey Beardsley and a cover design for ‘Wren’s City Churches’ by Arthur Mackmurdo. I did three trials and used one of them for my final.

The reason why I chose trial two was not only because it had all the characteristics of Art Nouveau but it had more balanced layout, it also looked more interesting to me compared to the other two.

After handing it in I received another brief. This time I have to make two food labels based on one of the art movements we were introduced to during class, either, De Stijl, Suprematism or Constructivism. I’ve decided to go with De Stij, I find it easier to understand and I think I can make two awesome labels.

On Tuesday, I used oil pastels for the first time ever. Well I’m pretty sure I’ve never used them before but if I had the pictures were clearly thrown out, most likely because they were horrible. But anyways here are the results:

I also had to hand in my Relationship piece for Imagery and Illustration. For this brief I had to develop and create three small illustrated panels on the theme of relationships. I may have left it to the last minute… I never got a picture of the finished piece but here are some sketches of the characters that I designed.

Now I have to do two illustrations that require me to utilise a random flowing line as my starting point.

Wednesday… I had to present my montage and give an oral presentation on the Designer I chose which was Sebastien Larroude.

All images are his and the logos of the companies belong to each respective company. But anyway, the reasons for why I laid out the montage as it are:

“I arranged the images to like buildings because most of the works I’ve chosen are architectural art. I used two colours for the background to show that the images are situated on a ground rather than floating in space. The reason why I put the four images of Tron 2 there in the middle is because the movie is well-known. The company logos are there to show who he has worked for. I put in the floating castle to show his influence of European influence. I also used line to accentuate the building shapes.”

Thankfully I did the presentation on Wednesday, now I don’t have to get all worried and nervous about doing it next lesson.

Currently I’m working on a flash animation for my animation class.

A flash animation that Flash CS5 corrupted on me… Thankfully I was able to salvage it.

Animation WIP

Thursday was an eventful day… kinda. Currently during Visual Literacy we’re working on Colour cards. Basically let’s say the card is a birthday card, we put our own twist on it and choose a colour scheme to do it in. We have to do three cards. My cards are: ‘Happy Deathday’ with a triad colour scheme, ‘You make me feel alive’ with a monochromatic colour scheme and a congratulations card with an analogous colour scheme. I’ve already started the imagery on the ‘You make me feel alive’ and ‘Happy Deathday’ cards, but I’m still at a loss for what imagery to do for the congratulations card.

I got Dragonage 2 AND a mannequin I won off ebay from a seller in the UK on Thursday. I haven’t started Dragonage 2 yet; I’d rather get some of my work done now just in case I accidently leave it up to last minute again.

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