Some Art pictures and links

I’ve put some of my good quality pictures up on Deviantart.

  • An Invite For You Card
  • You Make Me Feel Alive Card
  • Happy Deathday Card
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    School… Laziness

    I did a fair bit this week but… since I’m kind of busy with heaps of work, I’ll put up the pictures of what I’ve done sometime next week.

    I did some crappy animated figures work on Tuesday; you’ll see what I mean by crappy next week. In my opinion, they aren’t up to the standard of work I expect from myself.

    I also finished the two illustrations for Imagery and Illustration. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

    On Wednesday I practically finished my animation. I even figure out how to add sounds! Course the only sounds I had were stuff I downloaded for videogames I like. E.g.: Silent Hill, American McGee’s Alice etc.

    Thursday… Life drawing… Blind Contour drawings…. To keep it simple, I don’t like blind contour at all.

    And the thing that’s keeping me busy at the moment, the colour cards for Visual Literacy. They’re kinda due on Thursday… and I haven’t even finished one. That’s not including the work from last Concept Art lesson which I still need to do. AND I have to figure out my food labels for Culture and Context. SIGH!

    Woo I can play my Dragon Age 2 save again!

    Woo! I fixed it! I decided to try another thing on my bugged save. Instead of going over and fighting the blood mages yet again.I left the area and did all the other quests I had. Then I went back and tried the fight again. It worked this time; I could click on the person FINALLY!

    I’ve gotten a bit further into the game now. The characters are finally getting more interesting! I’m actually starting to like them… except Fenris… He’s a whiny douche. Every conversation I have with him, I gain +5 rivalry.

    Well back to playing my save~

    Dragon Age 2

    I finally got around to installing Dragon Age 2. In my opinion the graphics have been greatly improved. The fighting is a lot more interesting etc. I like the story so far not that I’m going to be seeing the rest of it anytime soon… One of the main quests bugged on me. I’ve tried all the things that other people have tried but to no avail.

    Basically I have to fight a group of blood mages to save this guy. I go through this whole dialogue with the crazy person and then I end up fighting them. I kill them and then what’s supposed to happen is that the guy that’s been trapped is freed and I get to talk him and go through with the rest of the quest. What happens instead is this: he starts saying something, I think its “The Light! Mother I see the…” then it’s cut off and he’s frozen there, doing nothing. I can’t click on him and leaving the area and coming back does nothing. I’ve reloaded back to an autosave which was like thirty minutes of gameplay ago and redid it all and still nothing.

    People in the forums have suggested going and killing the blood mages with just the one character… I did it still nothing. I’ve tried going into the dialogue cutscene with another character selected… STILL nothing. So basically I’m stuck at that one point. The only other thing I haven’t tried is starting over.  Seeing as I have been playing on this save for around SEVEN hours, I don’t really want to try that option. I’m really disappointed…

    But ignoring that part, one thing I don’t like about Dragon Age 2 is the characters. Dragon Age: Origins had very humorous and loveable characters; Dragon Age 2 has mope-y depressed characters and pretty much only has one funny character…. I miss Zevran and Oghren’s inappropriate jokes, Alistair’s naivety, Leliana’s constant spiel about the Maker, Morrigan’s bitchy-ness and Shale’s hatred toward pigeons. I miss their banter a lot 😦

    An update on things

    I’ve decided to update at the end of every week because I usually forget to update when something happens.

    On Monday I handed in my bookmark for culture and context. For my bookmark I had to take the works of Art Nouveau Artists and take parts of them and use them to create an art nouveau piece. I used the works: ‘Peacock Skirt’ by Aubrey Beardsley, ‘Climax’ which is also by Aubrey Beardsley and a cover design for ‘Wren’s City Churches’ by Arthur Mackmurdo. I did three trials and used one of them for my final.

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    It’s one awesome site. There are many interesting and funny things. I’ve been recently browsing through it and decided to share what I found:
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