Year 13

I’m going to be uploading stuff that I do at my course on this blog. I figured that it would be easier than just making a whole new blog. Last post I said I didn’t really do much at orientation, well that was sort of a half truth. We made cake sculptures; we had this awesome idea, yet in my opinion was poorly executed.

We were give three cakes and so we decided to cut all three of them in half. This was to make each of the layers. We should have just make the cakes square and left it at that. We didn’t really need the three layers. We would have been better with just having two layers and using the third cake to make the Dinosaurs on the top, and the towers. The towers had to be stuck down with toothpicks because they were so heavy.

The only feature of the cake that I really liked was the Dinos. They were cut up pieces of cake smooshed together in the shapes by hand, and then they were covered with blue icing. Their names were Steve, Victor and Mary-Jane. But yeah, that’s the highlight of orientation.


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