Game Designers

I have to choose one of them to do an oral presentation on… Fun. I really hate speaking in front of a group of people, it terrifies me. It would be great that I get over this at some point. Nicolas Bouvier “Sparth” – ‘Artistic Director and Concept Designer’. Sparth > Concept design & visualContinue reading “Game Designers”

My Continuous Line Drawings

I’ve put them all on my Deviantart account. Continuous Line 1 Continuous Line 2 Continuous Line 3 Continuous Line 4 My favourite of the bunch is Continuous Line 2. The body is better proportioned than the others. The shading is a bit off but I love the way I drew the lines, it looks realistic.Continue reading “My Continuous Line Drawings”

I’m playing Wow again… sigh

Well the images that I found still aren’t up on deviantart, sigh. I’ve gotten preoccupied with things like WoW. Yeah, I’m playing it again. Not because I’m addicted but because my friend got me into again. I think that’s why I keep going back; it’s my real life friends convincing me to start playing again.Continue reading “I’m playing Wow again… sigh”