Turns out it was some dude using my friend’s phone. They were drunk and had gotten a hold of my friend’s phone and decided to phone me… at five thirty in the morning. Thankfully I had held off sending them an angry message and let them explain what happened.

Recently I’ve been cleaning up my room and it’s taking a very long time. I have so much stuff lying about. I have all these big plastic boxes filled with random things that I’ve collected through the years. So I’m going through all of them and so far I’ve found heaps of my old drawings. I’m planning on putting them my Deviantart. if you’re interested. The reason why I’m cleaning is not only that my room was kind of a mess but I wanted to have a new start to the year. I’m also going through my clothes and will be sending the ones I don’t ever wear, to good will.

Well back to cleaning.

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