I woke up today at five thirty in the morning… Why five thirty? Well, because my friend decided to call me at that time. I hung up on them of course, how can you expect someone to talk to you at five thirty? Really? I could understand a text but an actual phone call? You’d also think that if that person hangs up on you, that it would be a bad idea to call them a second time! But no, I was woken up at five thirty. I stumbled out of bed and seeing that my phone never tells me who’s calling, I hung up. In my sleep-addled mind, I figured that it was one of those scam message things. I turn around; ready to return to my comfortable bed when my phone rings yet again! I manage to turn my phone on flight mode, just so I can go back to sleep.

Now it’s in the afternoon and I go and check who was calling me. That friend is going to get an earful and an angry message.


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