Silent Hill

I’m currently back into Silent Hill at the moment. Something I’ll probably get bored of in a couple of weeks but I don’t really care. Why I get so hooked on it, is because of the plot and the concepts that are explored. I’m sort of into cult type stuff, not obsessed but I find interesting. Which I think is the reason why Silent Hill appeals to me more compared to other survival horror games like, for example Resident Evil. My favourite games of the Silent Hill series have to be 2 and 4. I like the subtle creepiness of the Silent Hill 2 and the story and characters of Silent Hill 4. I haven’t played through the first one so I can’t really have an opinion of it but Silent Hill 3… Well, I didn’t find it as scary as Silent Hill 4. I find it odd that people think of Silent Hill 3 as the scariest game out of the whole series.

It could be that I was playing it with other people who made comments that completely destroyed the scary aspect of the game or we somehow avoided all the scary happenings.

Or it could that I find invincible enemies scarier…

Silent Hill Origins and onwards, I don’t consider to be part of the series. Origins didn’t fit in with the whole story of the original four games. Silent Hill 5: Homecoming completely destroyed the mysteriousness of the whole cult… plus it wasn’t scary at all. And like Origins, the monsters weren’t that terrifying and some were based off of some of the monsters from the original four games.


Left to Right
Lying Figure from Silent Hill 2, Straight Jacket from Silent Hill: Origins and Smog from Silent Hill: Homecoming

I haven’t played Silent Hill: Shattered Memories but from what I’ve seen of it, it looks completely and utterly boring. The chase sequences I know would probably freak me out because I don’t do well with being chased. I don’t particularly like the storyline to it either… It’s like they’ve made a completely new game, stole a couple of characters from Silent Hill 1 and slapped a Silent Hill title on it. Apart from the characters there is no Silent Hill theme to it at all. Silent Hill is about the cult and yet there is no reference to the cult AT ALL!

I don’t like the turn, the series took. The original four games were awesome but the latest games that have been released, aren’t interesting and after watching an analysis, are just repeating the storyline of Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill is awesome but you can’t keep using the same story over and over again. It adds nothing to the series.

The awesome analysis that I watched is on youtube:

It’s very informative and all the information has clear references to the games.

2 Responses to Silent Hill

  1. Messina Studio says:

    Hey –

    Shattered Memories is probably one of the most “to the story” games that has been released in a long time. I really only like the 1st and 2nd the most and find the rest to be far departures. The 3rd is supposed to alright, but I just never got into it much – but it’s supposed to be one of the possibilities of what happened after the first game and so is Shattered Memories.

    I thought I wouldn’t like SM as well – but I had to give it a try and reallllly liked it. By the way – speaking of the scariest one imo – it is probably the original. You should really try to play it sometime – maybe try an emulator or possibly looking at a youtube walkthrough. It’s not the same now I don’t think though as compared to if you had played it back in 2000 when the graphics were decent xD. But the original has 5 different endings all of which it seems the team likes to make spin offs of – and it’s fine because they’re all alternate realities in a sense. Silent Hill 2 I used to dislike because it was so disjointed from the original – but it does grow on you after awhile when you realize they are just looking at it from a different angle – and also Pyramid Head is awesome 😀

    I get really into reading plot analysis on the game because I love that the games leave it up to the community to figure it out for the most part. Try SM though! Really it’s a good game – best since SH2.

    • Jess says:

      Hoi, thanks for commenting 😀
      I’m planning on getting all the Silent Hill games and playing them regardless of my first impressions of them. So I will eventually play SM when I get around to buying it. I think I have Silent Hill around somewhere… So I’ll get my friends together and we’ll have a play with that when I have the time 🙂
      And I agree, Pyramid Head is mega awesome 😛

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