My Wow Experience

According to my payment history, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft (WoW) on and off for ages. I started just a year after the first WoW came out. I only played a character to 37 just three levels off my first mount. I had heaps of alts but that was my main at the time. It was a human warrior called Lillian on the realm Draka. It has since been server transferred and faction changed but I still remember how confused and lost I was back then. I remember how hard it was to level and how much the mounts used to cost. I eventually grew bored, which happens to me all the time. I was brought back by the release of Burning Crusade, I played for a bit but my warrior never reached Outlands. I missed out on the opening event too, which I found out about when I was playing Wrath of the Lich King. I stopped playing yet again until, I think, a few months before Wrath of the Lich King came out. I was hooked then. My warrior was long since abandoned and I had started a new character, a Night Elf Hunter called Alysia. I recruited my friends to play at that time too. When we reached Outlands, Wrath of the Lich King was released. So we never really raided end game stuff in Outlands.

I took another brief break because I can never play a game for a long time non-stop. I only got into it again because my friends that I had recruited, got me back into it. Wrath of Lich King has to be my favourite expansion, well, lore-wise. I always had found the scourge interesting and having an expansion based on their lore? I was in heaven. I played that expansion for a long time. I reached the level cap on my hunter and had a decent gear score too. It was then I server transferred my hunter and my warrior to Dath’Remar and I faction changed them. My hunter was now a blood elf hunter and my warrior? An undead warrior. I always had a soft spot for undead characters. I only wished I had waited a bit before faction changing my hunter because now undead can be hunters… Of course it happens with the latest expansion:  Cataclysm.

Now I don’t hate Cataclysm but I think, finally, that I’m all WoW’d out. I levelled my hunter to 83 but I’ve given up. I just can’t be bothered dealing with all the Random Dungeon groups… In my opinion, it’s like all the groups have gone downhill; as more often than not, I random into groups with fail tanks or people who are just complete and utter dicks. The lore hasn’t really caught my fancy. Also there were very radical changes to all class talent trees. Blizz after that only gave us 5 levels to get used to the change. To get properly used to the changes, one would have to start a new character and play through it all, to really understand the class.

But besides all that Cataclysm did add a great deal to WoW, a lot of which I enjoyed at the time but… I’m bored of it again. I’ll probably go back to it but for now, I’m off playing other games.

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